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Project Description

Business Spanish classes

Business Spanish Classes

Are you planning a trip to Latin America or Spain and would like to learn some of the basics to get by in Spanish and get more out of your work experience there?

Or perhaps you’ve got some colleagues visiting with limited English and would like to be able to exchange a few words or communicate with them…

Or maybe you have already been to Latin America or Spain and wish to improve your knowledge of Spanish…

WHATEVER your reasons are, we can customise a course for you and your colleagues either in-house or in our office in Christchurch.

You can benefit from small class size intensive learning from an experience teacher and maximize your time and energy. Materials will be provided and adapted to your particular needs.

  • Qualified native Spanish tutor with 28 years’ teaching experience.
  • Private classes or small groups (maximum 4 students).
  • Great facilities and learning materials.

Message From The Tutor


I have been teaching Spanish in New Zealand for 28 years and love it. It gives me a lot of pleasure to see how my students learn and improve their language skills. I am a proactive teacher who incorporates any feedback and new ideas into the courses and organises classes to target students’ needs in the most effective and fun way.

We have great facilities in-house to offer Spanish language tuition. Whether you require a knowledge of Spanish for travelling, business or school we can customise a programme that will suit your particular needs, either through private classes (one-on-one) or in small groups (maximum 4 students); we can offer quality teaching in an ideal learning environment.

I look forward to teaching YOU the second-most-spoken language in the world. Don’t miss out; give us a call to find out more.

María Paz Díaz